Process Of Ghee

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    [1] Milking by Hands After Feeding Calf properly

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    [2] Curding from Fresh milk Unboiled fresh milk cultured with buttermilk for curd.

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    [3] Butter derivation doing Vedic bilona Using wooden churner and earthen pot in brahma muhurata.

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    [4] Heating butter in earthen pot on wooden fire.

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    [5] Filter ghee using cotton cloth Removing residue and making ghee ready to make your dishes healthy and delicious.

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    [6] Bring home today


Fights Weakness, Fatigue & Tiredness

Strengthens Immunity

Maintain Bone Health

Maintain Mental Health

Maintain Healthy Hair & Skin

Keeps Physically Active

Promotes Anti Ageing

Reduces Gastric Inflammation